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Discover Why Jet Air Ambulance Is The Fastest and Safest Way To Transport Your Loved One In Need Of Urgent Medical Care

With Medical Air Transport, you will quickly feel relieved that your loved one is being cared for by experienced specialists while traveling safely - and affordably - via the fastest method available

If you’re like any of our previous clients, you’re searching for a swift and secure way to get your loved one to the right hospital, in the most comfortable way possible... without breaking the bank.

In fact, you very well may be feeling quite anxious about all the arrangements. Could our air ambulance company be the right one for you? Fortunately, you may have just found the perfect solution...

Air Ambulance FamilyYour air ambulance flight coordinator can arrange bedside-to-bedside transportation - the whole itinerary - along with a very competitive, up-front price quote. This means you’re relieved from the hassle and stress involved in arranging transport logistics and financials, and your loved one will appreciate the time and energy you can now focus on them!

Using Medical Air Transport’s international air ambulance service, there’s no middle-man markup. You’re getting some of the most competitive pricing in our field, so you can save money for your other important needs.

Medical Air Transport’s combination of experienced, responsible staff and reliable, well-maintained private Lear jet aircraft make for safe, stress-free travel and an excellent safety record.

And since you can book your flight within as little as 4 to 24 hours prior to departure, your loved one will be quickly flying on their way to get the proper treatment they urgently need – with you by their side. Now isn’t that a relief?

It’s Simple: Everything You Need, Covered By One Quote

Your loved one needs emergency care, fast. So that’s why we do everything we can to take the pressure off of you. In addition to providing air ambulance service, we will arrange for...
  • Ground ambulance transportation to and from the airport(s)
  • Catering services so you don’t have to worry about food
  • All the medical flight staff specific to your patient’s needs

Experienced, Professional Specialists That Care

Air Ambulance Specialist with PatientWith an Emergency Room Physician available on call, a Respiratory Specialist available if necessary, as well as a Nurse and Paramedic on every air ambulance flight, you’ll have peace of mind as the right specialists care for your loved one’s needs. They’ll be monitored and treated with the absolute best care available on an air ambulance.

Clear Communication...

with the medical and flight staff is key to making sure the trip will go as smoothly as possible, and can be hard to come by when they don’t even speak your language!

As you would expect, the Medical Air Transport team has Spanish-speaking personnel, so if your loved one speaks only Spanish, you will both feel at ease knowing that someone there understands them clearly.

A Fast, Smooth, Comfortable Voyage

Lear Jet 35ASwiftly transported via our own private, 550MPH Lear jets, you won’t have to deal with any of the lines, delays and other hassles normally associated with flying a major airline.

Lear jets have pressurized cabin space and fly high above the weather. This means your loved one can rest as comfortably as possible during flight.

Finally, Your Search Is Over

Your loved one is in need of urgent care, and it’s a stressful situation, however:

Without a doubt, private medical air transportation via jet air ambulance is simply the best option.

And since we're available 24 hours a day, offering prompt, caring service - you have no more time to waste.

Call your helpful flight coordinator now to discuss the patient’s needs, and you’ll receive the first class attention you deserve: a calming, expert source of help, right when you need it.

Please, don’t hesitate - call now.


(Toll free from within the United States)


(from outside the United States)

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