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Feel Peace of Mind When You Meet The Experienced Air Ambulance Specialists With Medical Air Transport

Have you ever been treated medically by someone that just seemed "new"? Not on your air ambulance...

Every one of your Medical Air Transport air ambulance specialists have emergency or ICU specialist backgrounds with at least 5 years experience in their specialty.

On every air ambulance flight, there is always a flight paramedic as well as a nurse right there to care for your loved one and provide any treatments needed. If necessary, a respiratory specialist will be provided as well.

All standard jet ambulance medical equipment and medication can be found on the aircraft, in addition to a full complement of emergency cardiac equipment. So, along with the proper medical transportation training and experience, your caring air ambulance specialists have all the proper tools to ensure your loved one's health and comfort.

Have you ever had a doctor that seemed too busy to care? You'll only find a compassionate, professional air ambulance specialist when flying our medical charter

Your Medical Director, Dr. Larry Stalsonburg, D.O., is a very flight-experienced emergency room physician and air ambulance specialist who pays attention to the whole patient, finding out the cause of the problem and making sure that your loved one's needs are addressed quickly.

Upon request, Dr. Stalsonburg will accompany your patient on their medical flight, utilizing his excellent experience and knowledge to ensure their comfort and well-being during their jet ambulance trip with Medical Air Transport.

If your loved one is in need, and can use the help of an air ambulance specialist on a medical flight...

please don't hesitate to call now and get your medical charter questions answered.


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